Get Treated Early!

If you suspect that you have a Lyme disease rash, see your healthcare provider right away!


Lack of treatment can result in additional complications.

  • Approximately 60% of patients with untreated infection may begin to have intermittent bouts of arthritis with severe joint pain and swelling.
  • Up to 5% of untreated patients may develop chronic neurological complaints months to years after infection.


All About Rashes from Ticks


After removing a deer tick (or after one falls off without your knowing it), an itchy, red rash frequently forms around the bite site that may persist for days, even weeks. It is a response of your immune system to tick proteins remaining in the bite. Unless the wound becomes infected, this inflamed area should not exceed a couple of inches in diameter.


The rash of early Lyme disease begins from one to 30 days after an infected tick transmits the Lyme bacteria into your skin and expands over a few days to four or more inches in width – occasionally much larger (up to about 12 inches). In the majority of cases the rash is evenly red, while about 40% of rashes will have a red center with or without a central clear ring, appearing like a “target.”


These rashes may be warm, but are not painful. Occasionally, however, an inflamed blister may form over the bite site.


Sometimes enough of the bacteria are transmitted to spill over into the blood stream and disseminated to other skin sites where additional Lyme rashes will crop up.